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  1. Spring Festivals 2017
    Starting as early as March, the cold winds and freezing temperatures of winter begin to subside as spring draws near. The return of the warmer weather not only brings countless beautiful wild flowers ..

  2. Enjoy Busan on a 10 Dollar Budget!
    The second largest city in the nation just after Seoul, Busan is a city of delicious foods and modern buildings standing tall beside the beautiful ocean. Within this coastal city are dozens of fun way..

  3. Let`s Pull an All-nighter! Seoul Night Tour
    Seoul is a city more exciting by night. When the sun goes down, the city really comes to life in a way that will make spending your nights asleep feel like a waste of time. As the seasons change and t..

  4. Enjoy the Fun & Tasty Hoengseong Hanu Festival this Fall
    Fall is the perfect season for visitors to Korea. Not only is the weather cool and crisp, but there are festivals and events happening all across the nation to make one’s trip even more enjoyable. M..

  5. Discover the Stories of Mokpo & Yeongam
    Jeollanam-do, Korea’s southwestern region, is well-known for having an abundant number of foods to eat. Not only is the land extremely fertile with nutrient-rich soil, the ocean also provides seafoo..

  6. Discover Korea’s Grandest Landscape, Namhae
    Officially called Namhaedo Island, Namhae in Gyeongsangnam-do is the fifth largest island in Korea. The island is connected to the mainland by bridge making it feel less like an island. However, the i..

  7. Travel to “Uncontrollably Fond” Filming Locations
    This season`s hit drama is "Uncontrollably Fond," showing the sad love story of top idol Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) and documentary producer No Eul (Bae Suzy). The drama is receiving a lot of atten..

  8. Refresh Yourself in the Bamboo Forest of Damyang!
    Looking to beat the heat this summer but don’t want endless lines and crowds? In the heart of Jeollanam-do rests the peaceful town of Damyang. While not as well-known as many other Korean cities pop..

  9. Seaside Vacation in Ulsan
    On hot and humid days, people long to escape, envisioning themselves walking on sand wet from the waves of the ocean rolling in to the shore. One fleeting thought of the ocean is all it takes to plant..

  10. Beautiful Night Tour in Gyeongju
    It is not an exaggeration to call the entirety of Gyeongju a museum for the countless numbers of cultural artifacts and remains spread throughout this city; it is often selected as the location of his..

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