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  1. Enjoying Incheon International Airport 200%!
    Korea`s top airport is none other than Incheon International Airport. The airport is comprised of five floors in three sections, largely divided into the passenger terminal, concourse, and the transpo..

  2. Must-visit Restaurants in Hongdae
    Youthful exuberance and passion abound in Hongdae and the restaurants and cafés in the area match that ambiance. With a target audience of students and young travelers, the prices are affordabl..

  3. A Romantic Trip to "Goblin" Filming Sites!
    "Goblin," a Korean drama that revolves around mythical god Dokkaebi (played by Gong Yoo) and high school student Ji Eun-tak (played by Kim Go-eun) is the new craze in Korea. The romantic and comical s..

  4. Celebrating Seollal! "Let`s Learn Traditional Korean Culture!"
    Yumi, a young lady from Japan, and Loic, a Frenchman, have both experienced plenty of Seollal (Lunar New Year) holidays, having lived in Korea for over five years. This year, they visited Korea Etique..

  5. "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Filming Sites Uncovered!
    With top hallyu stars Lee Min-ho and Jeon Ji-hyeon as the main cast, the fantasy romance drama "The Legend of the Blue Sea" has been at the center of attention. Based on the love story of a mermaid in..

  6. TOP 10 Most Popular Korean Attractions of 2016
    Like all countries, Korea has representative attractions that tourists must see when visiting. Among the attractions are those that are especially loved by international tourists. To help you decide w..

  7. Welcome 2017! Astounding Sunset and Sunrise Spots in Seoul
    Many of us say goodbye to a day of hard work as we watch the sunset, and say hello to another refreshing day as the sun rises. Although it is a repeating cycle, the last sunset and the first sunrise o..

  8. The Best Places to Enjoy a Romantic Christmas in Korea
    When the Christmas season comes to Korea, festive lights adorn the streets and the air is filled with Christmas carols. Supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls and hotels set up unique decorat..

  9. Finding Seoul`s Hidden Observatories
    When people think of observatories in Seoul, N Seoul Tower and 63 Square rise to the top more often than not. It is true that these two locations are the capital’s representative observatories, but ..

  10. Pedal your Way through Autumn on Rail Bikes!
    Looking to go on a unique tour while enjoying Korea’s autumn scenery? Going on a rail bike trip is the perfect way to satisfy your needs! Rail biking is a popular leisure sport that uses bikes and r..

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