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  1. One-day Trip to Pyeongchang on the Gyeonggang Line
    The Gyeonggang Line, a high-speed railway operating between Incheon and Gangneung, passing through Seoul and Pyeongchang, opened in December of last year. With this new line in place, visitors to the ..

  2. TOP 10 Most Popular Korean Attractions of 2017
    With so many places to visit, planning a trip to Korea can be overwhelming. To help you decide where to go, Korea Tourism Organization has created a list of the top 10 most searched attractions in Kor..

  3. Beer, Bread, Coffee – Take a BBC Winter Trip to Gangn..
    With the new KTX running from Seoul to Gangneung, visitors are able to commute between the two cities within two hours, making a day trip to Gangneung from Seoul an option. For those who prefer the tr..

  4. Day-trip Around Busan by Subway
    Busan is a city of beautiful beaches, glamorous night scenes, and modern history. The second largest metropolitan area in Korea, it is extremely popular as a vacation destination among locals and inte..

  5. Exciting 2017-2018 Winter Festivals
    Winter in Korea means plenty of festive gatherings, from Christmas to New Year’s Eve parties. As December comes to an end and the year draws to a close, people gather at sunrise festival locations a..

  6. Nature & Art Await in Pyeongchang
    There is no shortage of wonderful places in Korea, but perhaps none quite as naturally beautiful and pure as Pyeongchang. A host city of the upcoming international winter sports event, Pyeongchang is ..

  7. Enjoy Seoul as You Please at Ichon-dong!
    Ichon-dong has emerged as a popular attraction for family visitors due to the variety of learning opportunities and pleasant retreats. In addition, major attractions like The National Museum of Korea,..

  8. Fall Foliage Destinations around Seoul
    Every fall, sightseers flock to Korea`s beautiful rural destinations to enjoy the fiery colors of autumn. For international tourists, however, traveling to other regions in the autumn season is out of..

  9. See, Rest, Play, Eat; Four ways to Enjoy Seoullo 7017
    The recent new attraction Seoul citizens are going crazy for is Seoullo 7017. Originally a road built in the area of Seoul Station in the 1970s, the space has been transformed into a pedestrian walkin..

  10. Experience the Beauty of Hanbok
    While traveling throughout Korea, there are many ways to get a glimpse of the nation’s traditions and culture; nothing compares to trying on hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea. Hanbok is grow..

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