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The Romanization of Korean

(Ministry of Culture and Tourism proclamation No. 2000-8)

1. Basic Principles of Romanization
(1) Romanization is based on standard Korean pronunciation.
(2) Symbols other than Roman letters are avoided to the greatest extent possible.
2. Summary of the Romanization System
(1) Vowels are transcribed as follows:
  • Simple Vowels ㅏ[a], ㅓ[eo], ㅗ[o], ㅜ[u], ㅡ[eu], ㅣ[i], ㅐ[ae], ㅔ[e], ㅚ[oe], ㅟ[wi]
  • Diphthongs ㅑ[ya], ㅕ[yeo], ㅛ[yo], ㅠ[yu], ㅒ[yae], ㅖ[ye], ㅘ[wa], ㅙ[wae], ㅝ[wo], ㅞ[we], ㅢ[ui]
(2) Consonants are transcribed as follows:
  • Plosives (Stops) ㄱ[g,k], ㄲ[kk], ㅋ[k], ㄷ[d,t], ㄸ[tt], ㅌ[t], ㅂ[b,p], ㅃ[pp], ㅍ[p]
  • Affricates ㅈ[j], ㅉ[jj], ㅊ[ch]
  • Fricatives ㅅ[s], ㅆ[ss], ㅎ[h]
  • Nasals ㄴ[n], ㅁ[m], ㅇ[ng]
  • Liquids ㄹ[r,l]

Language Programs in Korea

Many large universities in Korea offer Korean language programs for international students eager to learn the language. Diverse programs are tailored to suit the needs of students. Needless to say, being on a college campus, it is easy for foreign students to make friends with Korean students. Tuition and housing conditions are different at every school. It is a good idea to examine many schools and pick the one that is best suited to you.

Korean Language Institutes in Seoul

Korean Language Institutes in Seoul
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Duksung International Language Center
Ewha Language Center
Hanyang University International Education Institute
Hongik University International Language Institute
HUFS Center for Korean Language and Culture
KMU Institute of International Education
Konkuk University Language Institute
Korea University Korean Language Center
Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education
Gangnam-UCR International Education Center
SNU Korean Language Education Institute
Sogang University Korean Language Education Center
Sookmyung Women’s University Lingua Express
SKKU Sungkyun Language Institute
Myongji University Korean Language Institute
University of Seoul Institute of International Cooperation and Education
University of Seoul Institute of International Cooperation and Education
Sejong University Center for International Education
Sangmyung University International Language and Culture Education Center