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BOOKS by the President

Jeolmang-eun nareul dalnyeonsikigo huimang-eun nareul umjiginda
(Steeled by Despair, Motivated by Hope)
Saramgwa Saram,
I completed the manuscript for this book with a promise that I would never lose sight of my original intentions. In this regard, this book speaks of my past and present as well as my unwavering promise for the future.
Na-eui eomeoni Yook Young-soo
(My Mother Yook Young-soo)
Saramgwa Saram,
The first chapter is about my recollection of my mother, the second and third chapters are excerpts from a biography of her authored by the poet, Park Mok-wol, and the final chapter is a compilation of manuscripts of my mother and writings of my father who deeply missed her.
Gonaneul beotsam-a jinsireul deungdaesam-a
(Befriending Adversity, Truth as the Guiding Light)
Busan Ilbo Books,
Writing this book constituted a chance to cast my mind back to days in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and I was deeply moved in the process. Still, the book has yet to be completed.
Gyeolguk han jum, gyeolguk han jeom
(In the End Only a Fistful, One Speck)
Busan Ilbo Books,
While organizing my thoughts and reorganizing them to write this book, I got a sense that my modest philosophical principles, which I am currently striving to put into practice and will do so for the rest of my life, are taking deeper root in my heart.
Nae ma-eumui yeojeong
(Journey of My Mind)
Hansol Media,
When we see the world and live in it in the way that I have described, a change that begins in our hearts will, at last, change the world. It is this belief that I explain in detail in the writings collected in this book.
Pyeongbeomhan gajeong-eseo tae-eonatdeoramyeon
(If I were Born in an Ordinary Family)
Nam Song,
By publishing a volume of my writings from over the years, in which I recorded certain feelings and observations as they came to me, I felt that I would be able to share how I lived and what I thought during these times.
Sae ma-eumui gil
(The New Spirit Movement)
Gugukyeoseong Bongsadan,
There is a saying that if you establish good habits, these will go on to bring you good fortune. Chipping away at mountains and building bridges is difficult work, but the clear paths that are thus cut guarantee a comfortable later journey.
The New Spirit Movement
(English edition)
Hansol Media, 1999 Naeway Business Journal and Korea Herald Inc.,