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Happiness for the People

Tailored Employment and Welfare

Welfare tailored to different life stages

  • 43. To install a welfare benefits system tailored to the different needs of low-income families
  • 44. To reform the welfare delivery system with the focus on the different needs of recipients
  • 45. To initiate programs to nurture healthy families
  • 46. To provide support for young people to enhance their potential and ensure healthy growth
  • 47. To ensure a comfortable and active life after retirement
  • 48. To expand national insurance coverage and enhance its sustainability
  • 49. To establish a healthcare service system aimed at improving the quality of life
  • 50. To protect the rights and interests of people with disabilities and increase services for them
  • 51. To enhance support for bicultural families to help them better adapt to Korean society
  • 52. To enhance the livability of farming and fishing communities by increasing welfare

A welfare system that supports economic independence

  • 53. To administer state affairs with a focus on creating jobs and strengthening the system for evaluating the impact of government-led projects on employment
  • 54. To eliminate discrimination against non-regular workers and guarantee a basic standard of living for workers
  • 55. To promote job-sharing by reducing long work hours and to extend the retirement age
  • 56. To strengthen measures to help guarantee employment security against business fluctuations
  • 57. To provide job support as a means to help lift people out of poverty
  • 58. To provide customized job matching services and expand the employment service network
  • 59. To create more social welfare jobs and improve working conditions
  • 60. To increase professional social service jobs
  • 61. To promote inclusive growth by fostering cooperatives and social enterprises

Addressing the low birth rate and expanding economic participation by women

  • 62. To help ensure a care-free pregnancy and childbirth
  • 63. To create conditions conducive to raising children without anxiety
  • 64. To expand free childcare and education for newborns to five-year olds
  • 65. To help expand economic participation by women and promote gender equality

Creativity-oriented Education

Education to nurture dreams and talents

  • 66. To work for the normalization of public education
  • 67. To simplify the college admission process to alleviate related pressures
  • 68. To promote specialized education at universities and expand financial assistance
  • 69. To create conditions in which teachers can focus on their teaching

Nurturing professionals and lifelong education

  • 70. To strengthen the vocational training for nurturing professionals
  • 71. To intensively nurture community colleges as key players in higher vocational training
  • 72. To establish a national lifelong education system in preparation for a time when the average life span reaches one hundred

A merit-based society

  • 73. To build a society based on merit rather than academic background

Public Safety

Safety from crime

  • 74. To make a society safe from sexual violence
  • 75. To prevent domestic violence and strengthen protection of victims
  • 76. To create a school environment free from bullying and other risks
  • 77. To establish unparalleled food safety through food quality control
  • 78. To enhance protection of children’s rights and provide support for their sound growth and development
  • 79. To expand support and protection for the victims of crime
  • 80. To foster a civic awareness of the importance of respect for law and order
  • 81. To lay the groundwork for strengthening public security
  • 82. To expand the scope of reportable violations of the public interest concerning safety in everyday life and bolster protection of whistleblowers

Disaster prevention and management

  • 83. To reinforce the comprehensive national disaster management system
  • 84. To advance traffic safety, including air and maritime transportation
  • 85. To strengthen the management of hazardous substances and bolster compensation for damages
  • 86. To set up a nuclear power safety management framework
  • 87. To enhance safety control at energy supply facilities
  • 88. To create safe and agreeable workplaces and promote the health of workers

A pleasant and sustainable environment

  • 89. To take action against climate change, including through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 90. To facilitate adaptation to the consequences of climate change such as abnormal weather conditions
  • 91. To ensure a sufficient and stable supply of energy and upgrade the structure of the industry
  • 92. To expand the supply of new and renewable energy and promote related industries
  • 93. To improve the quality of environmental services
  • 94. To pursue land development in harmony with nature
  • 95. To strike a balance between preservation and development of the maritime environment
  • 96. To build a recycling society characterized by a virtuous cycle of resource development and energy utilization

Social Cohesion

Unity and harmony

  • 97. To restore the honor of victims of past wrongful government action in reconciliation with the past
  • 98. To promote equal opportunities and impartial treatment in public service employment
  • 99. To establish labor-management relations based on dialogue and mutual benefits
  • 100. To strengthen the system for managing public conflict
  • 101. To create a system that protects human rights in furtherance of social cohesion

Balanced regional development and decentralization

  • 102. To promote balanced regional development for national cohesion
  • 103. To expand support for local universities
  • 104. To increase local government finances with a corresponding increase in financial accountability
  • 105. To strengthen decentralization efforts and invigorate civil society and regional communities
  • 106. To enhance regional economic and industrial vitality