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Economic Revival

Creative Economy

An ecosystem for a creative economy

  • 1. To foster an investment climate that encourages new possibilities
  • 2. To improve the infrastructure for generating, protecting and utilizing intellectual properties
  • 3. To establish a safety net that allows for startup businesses to recover from failure

Small venture enterprises

  • 4. To install a ladder of hope for small and medium-sized companies to climb
  • 5. To help sharpen the export competitiveness of SMEs and mid-sized to large businesses
  • 6. To create a cooperative business ecosystem for shared growth

Advancing into new industries and markets

  • 7. To upgrade the structure of flagship industries through the convergence of IT and software engineering
  • 8. To lay the groundwork for a Creative Economy through science and technology
  • 9. To cultivate healthcare and industries that serve an aging population into future growth engines
  • 10. To upgrade transportation systems and maritime shipping services as well as provide support for Korean businesses to advance into overseas construction and nuclear power plant markets
  • 11. To foster the maritime and fisheries industry into a viable future industry and systematically manage the country’s maritime territory
  • 12. To promote the agricultural, forestry and livestock industries as new growth engines
  • 13. To realize the vision of becoming a space powerhouse by developing indigenous space technologies
  • 14. To build a strategic framework for service industry development

Creative minds

  • 15. To promote youth employment, encourage the establishment of startups and provide assistance for seeking jobs overseas

Science and technology as well as ICT

  • 16. To bolster capabilities in scientific and technological innovation
  • 17. To boost capabilities for generating new industries through linkages among industry, academia, research institutions and local governments
  • 18. To develop the International Science and Business Belt into a new growth hub
  • 19. To create the world's best Internet ecosystem
  • 20. To build Korea into an ITC superpower

Economic Democratization

A principled market economy

  • 21. To protect the rights and interests of the economically vulnerable
  • 22. To protect consumer rights
  • 23. To improve ways of enforcing the Fair Trade Act for the sake of practical remedies for damages
  • 24. To eliminate illegal profit-taking practices by controlling stockholders of large business groups
  • 25. To improve corporate governance
  • 26. To ensure a level playing field in the financial services industry

Economy for Ordinary People

Stabilizing the everyday lives of ordinary people

  • 27. To strengthen measures for housing stability
  • 28. To alleviate the financial burden on low-income families
  • 29. To lessen the burden of educational expenses
  • 30. To lower the burden of communication expenses
  • 31. To help increase incomes from farming and fishing
  • 32. To streamline the distribution structure for agricultural, livestock and marine products
  • 33. To restore the vitality of small merchants and self-employed business owners as well as traditional markets
  • 34. To upgrade the small-scale transportation industry

Stable operation of the economy

  • 35. To reinforce measures safeguarding the economy against external risk factors
  • 36. To take preemptive action against instabilities in financial markets
  • 37. To stabilize the real estate market
  • 38. To achieve price stability through structural reforms
  • 39. To secure stable food supply sources
  • 40. To expand the tax revenue base
  • 41. To maintain sound fiscal management
  • 42. To effectively manage public sector debts and government properties